自由人藝術設計團隊,將朝跨域整合的方向努力, 嘗試大幅度跨領域結合、整合、發想、規劃,將發展出超越自身能力的新面貌,變成一個共同合作,彼此依存的嵌合體。

以「Freedom Men Studio 自由人工作室」成立於2009年,2012登記立案為「自由人藝術設計股份有限公司 Freedom Men Art & Design Co., Ltd.」。

​We are a team of experienced Artist and Designer.
We set new ideas in Interdisciplinary Integration.
We will attempt to develop new standards in a large scale of combination, integration, innovation and Crossover Organization.

In the 20th century, possessing a professional ability is a point of developmental focus; but in the 21st century, the future lies in the efficient integration of information, resource, professionalism and cross-region. 

Freedom Men Art and Design team will work towards a cross-region integration. We will attempt to do a large scale of combination, integration, innovation and organization to develop a new look, which will surpass our own ability. Through mutual collaboration and co-dependency, we will transform ourselves into a chimera.